Stretching Exercise to increase blood flow to penis

Before beginning your stretching exercises for penis enlargement I advise that you find a private place where there will be no interruptions. Start by sitting down in a comfortable position with your back as simple as possible. You will need some lubrication for this exercise, so I suggest you get some good lube or baby oil.

The reason that this penis enlargement exercise is conducted in a chair is that this position forces the blood in the abdomen and lower pelvic region, which is what you want.

Get your penis in hand and begin to gently stroke with your thumb and forefinger in a ring formation. The idea behind this exercise is to move the blood as quickly as possible to the tip of your penis.

You should keep this connection until the penis becomes erect. Just continue to stroke your penis, but at this stage, you need to start squeezing harder. As you squeeze harder, you should begin to feel the pressure of blood building in your penis. Continue to push blood to the head of your penis and once they have a solid assembly and all the blood that you think you can take your penis, you then need to constrict the blood. You do this by taking your thumb and forefinger still in a training ring and placing them in close around the base of your penis.

So you will have blood and this is what will gradually stretch your penis. The next stage of this exercise is to start stretching your penis to the left, right, and then forward. This will enlarge your penis even further and allow more blood to enter. Not many repetitions of this until you think you're ready to start really working.

Remember not to overstretch your penis and if you no longer feel any pain, take a break and start again. This should be done only when you have an erect penis which is safer for enlargement.

Here's your penis enlargement stretching summary:

1. Sit with your back straight and flaccid penis in front of you.

2. Lubricant your penis and stretch it in front of you

3. Using one hand, apply pressure to the head of the penis

4. Increase pressure as you become erect

5. Stretch penis to left, right, ceiling and floor

6. Repeat as much as possible

7. Do not be too vigorous or over stretch the penis

8. Massage your penis when you are finished

Now that we covered the warm up and stretching routine for penis enlargement, it is the time to go to some real exercise...


mrmanpower June 18, 2009 at 10:52 AM  

That's some good advice man...I never thought about doing penis enlargement while makes sense that more blood will go towards the area.

I don't agree that a man should be erect when you stretch though...nor should a man place pressure on the dorsal nerve during these exercises...could cause erectile difficulties down the road.

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